Carpet Cleaning: Should I Replace or Clean My Carpets Riverside, CA


Carpet quality is based on its construction, some carpets are designed to last only a few years, and some decades.  Eventually the time will come when your carpeting will need to be replaced.  There are many ways to determine whether your carpet just needs a professional cleaning service, or it needs to be replaced.  One of the most obvious signs of necessary carpet replacement is matting. 

Matting is when your carpeting becomes extremely worn through the traffic areas.  Even after a professional carpet cleaning service your traffic areas still appear to be soiled.  This is what professional carpet cleaners call “traffic lane gray”.  Traffic lane gray is a condition in which the carpet fibers become scratched from every day use, no longer reflecting as much light as the rest of the carpeting.  Many people confuse this damage with soil. 

The next sign is your carpet’s age.  Most carpet constructed today is designed to last roughly around 10 years.  After the 10 mark you may start to notice rippling, fading, crushed pile, worn padding, and color loss.  Although some of these damages can be reversible by a carpet cleaning professional, others cannot.  Before having your carpets professionally cleaning and investing hundreds of dollars into an old worn out carpet, consulting these options would be your best choice.  Hiring a reputable company to come out for a free estimate is a good option. 

An honest carpet cleaning professional will let you know whether you should replace your carpet before beginning a cleaning service.  Keep in mind, because quality carpet can range anywhere from $20 to $35 per yard for replacement, a carpet cleaning service may be a more economical solution for you.  A cleaning service may not be able to reverse color loss or permanent staining, but it will be able to remove soil, allergens, oils, bacteria, and odors.  If you are at a point where you don’t know whether to clean or replace, contact us at 951-787-8787 for a free onsite estimate.  We will be happy to evaluate your carpeting and provide you with the best option.  Serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas.