Carpet Contaminants: How to Remove Pet Urine from Carpet Riverside, CA

Do you know what kind of affect pet urine contaminants are having on your carpeting?  We love our pets, they are there for you no matter what.  However, eventually the time will come when your dog or cat has an accident, and uses you’re carpeting as a restroom.  Once they’ve marked their spot in the corner of the dining room, chances are they will continuously urinate in that general area over and over again.

An accumulation of pet urine not only has an odor that can be unbearable, but as the urine evaporates the salts from the urine remain, crystalizing and contaminating not only the carpet fibers, but the backing, padding, and sub-flooring underneath.  It can even travel its way into the framing and foundation of your home in severe cases.  Improper cleanings actually make it worse, moisture reactivates the urine deposits possibly causing them to spread further into your flooring.

Proper steps must be taken to properly remove the urine deposits and odor from your carpeting.  It can require major restoration work involving a 4 step extraction process with professional strength disinfectants and odor neutralizers for maximum results.  In some cases, it is necessary to pull the carpeting, treat the rubber backing of the carpet, replace the padding underneath, and possibly spray an odor blocking resin to your sub-flooring so the existing urine deposits do not contaminate your carpeting once treated.

It is very important that once you’ve noticed your pets having accidents that you act immediately so the problem does not persist.  Pet urine contaminants can end up costing you thousands of dollars if left alone.  This photo above is an example of a minor pet urine issue.  You can see how the urine contaminated the backing of the carpet.  These urine deposits can remain moist in your carpeting for a number of years, causing bacteria and odor to permeate through your home.  Odors and bacteria will become worse with time if left alone, creating an unhealthy environment for you and your family. 

Steps taken for a successful pet urine removal process:

  1. Thorough walk through and diagnostic of contaminated areas
  2. Sub-floor extraction process  (Removes bulk of urine contaminants)
  3. Hot water extraction process (Removes any loose urine contaminants)
  4. Professional strength sanitizer spray (Kills bacteria in urine)
  5. Professional strength odor neutralizer spray (Neutralizes odor chemical in urine)

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