Discount Carpet Cleaners Riverside, CA

Hiring a professional carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning service is the most effective way to remove everyday soil build-up while helping maintain the wear on your carpet.  You shouldn’t have to wonder whether you will be over charged for these services.  Most fabrics are different whether it is the size or make.  For that reason prices will vary depending on what and how much is being cleaned.  Most companies offer a flat rate per room with a maximum of square footage to be cleaned.  This allows companies to quote a price over the phone but possibly raise it once in the home based on inaccuracies of the footage cleaned.  If you’re paying less than $15 per room you may not receive the quality service you were looking for.  Some companies may charge more for furniture moving on top of the original quote.  Another way of charging is by the square foot.  This may be more accurate and requires an onsite quote prior to the cleaning.  The average rate for this is anywhere from 25 cents to 55 cents per square foot most of the time including furniture moving.  It also depends on the type of cleaning method you decide to go with, the hot extraction cleaning method may be more costly depending on the soil levels of the carpet and the time it takes to complete.  Maintenance cleanings will cost less because of the low moisture used, and less time used to complete the job.  Companies now will give accurate quotes over the phone.  Most add on costs usually are related to pet urine removal and extremely high soil conditions.  All in all, the final total of the services should be easy to read and understand on the final invoice, so you know exactly what was paid for.  When searching for discount carpet cleaning prices always check for mailers or online specials.  If you call without some sort of coupon or special you may be quoted higher than the last customer who had called before you.  For quality work at a discounted price contact Pure Solutions carpet & upholstery cleaning serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas at 951-787-8787.