Dry Carpet Cleaning in Riverside, CA

Dry carpet cleaning in Riverside, CA provides many benefits to the home owner.  Fast dry times are a preventative of mold and mildew growth, we use more than 50% less water than the traditional carpet cleaner and you do not have to wait for a long period of time to use the high traffic areas in your home after the cleaning.  Long dry times and loss of productivity can be painful for the occupants of any establishment.  It’s no wonder why they put off carpet cleaning until it is absolutely necessary.  The dry and/or low moisture cleaning process will make it less painful for the home owners we are working to satisfy. 

Dry carpet cleaners provide a distinct number advantages, like mentioned before, fast dry times, zero mold or mildew growth, much less water being used, doors do not have to be left open to accommodate hoses, carpets stay cleaner much longer, cleaning solution is safe and contains no V.O.C.’s, and the machines being used run off electricity not gasoline.  This process is also an economical alternative for carpet cleaning because of all the advantages, the actual process is completed much faster, less water equals less solution therefore, the cleaning prices per room typically cost less.

A cotton bonnet and a cleaning solution, which is usually mixed with carbonation or citrus are used to remove build up and dirt particles from your carpet.  The cleaning solution is applied using a light mist, and allowing to dwell on the carpet breaking down dirt and separating the soil from the carpet fiber.  Then an industrial floor machine spins a large cotton bonnet hitting all four side of the carpet fiber, absorbing and extracting dirt from your carpet.  The bonnets are replaced once filled and saturated with soil from the carpet.  This process is fast, simple and easy on your wallet.  For dry carpet cleaning in Riverside, CA contact us today at 951-787-8787.  You will be glad you did.