Healthy Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Riverside, CA

Facts about carpet and upholstery cleaning can be somewhat disturbing.  To maintain a healthy indoor living space, normal cleaning services should be mandatory for you on an annual basis.  Tips in the video above should create enough awareness for a normal carpet cleaning routine.  Environmental science and technology revealed that out of the eleven manufacturers producing vacuums, twenty one of the vacuums built actually release bacteria and dust particles into the air.  Six of the vacuums contained a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA).  This is not a complete guarantee that these allergens would not be released from the vacuum.  Bacteria in vacuum bags can actually contain salmonella, and can be viable for up to two months.  Staying up to date with the latest technology in vacuums by updating and replacing your current vacuum is the best option for your indoor air quality.  Newer and more expensive vacuums perform much better and will reduce indoor air pollution.  Whether you have an older or newer vacuum, regular maintenance on your vacuum is absolutely necessary for a healthy indoor environment.  Keeping the filters clean, rinsing out the waste bucket, and replacing the HEPA filter as instructed will highly reduce these toxins from filtering into the air inside your home.Vacuuming is only part of the solution for clean indoor air,  it does not remove all soil and allergens built-up into the carpet.  Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is mandatory for optimal cleaning and indoor air results.  For healthy indoor living contact Pure Solutions carpet and upholstery cleaning, serving Riverside, CA at 951-787-8787.