Keep your Home Allergen Free - Riverside CA

Your home is your place to relax, but when you’re allergic to it relaxing is the last thing you’ll be able to do. A recent nationwide survey found that over half of all Americans have some allergens living within their homes.  Many of these are indoor allergens are commonly dust, mold, and pet dander.


There are ways to make your home allergen proof.  Clutter and tight areas around your home are a breeding ground for allergens, especially dust-mites.  The first step is to take a tour of your house from room to room, find out where the allergens are lurking, and remove them by sanitizing the area.


Most importantly, make your mattress and pillows allergen proof by installing a hypoallergenic casing to prevent dust-mites from being in your face while you sleep.  Dust-mite alleregens feed of the dead skin cells we shed throughout the day.


You can also reduce allergens in your bed by using only washable bedding.  In other words, do not drape your bed with quilts, custom pillows, or down blankets that are un-washable.  Once these items are moved around they stir up allergens that are present in the fabrics.


The same goes for stuffed animals and cuddly toys.  Try to purchase stuffed animals and toys that are washable.  If your home is carpeted, have your carpets professionally cleaned and sanitized twice a year, and keep your carpet vacuumed regularly.


Keep your pets out of the bedroom and most certainly the upholstery.  Pet dander can attract other allergens such as dust-mites.  These are some tips on how to keep your home allergen free, if you have any questions on allergen control, feel free to contact us any time during business hours. 


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