Mattress Cleaning Riverside, CA

Maintaining the cleanliness of your mattress will not only help with the indoor air quality of your home, it will improve your overall health.  50 percent of all illness are associated with polluted indoor air.  Allergies and asthma are the leaders of respiratory illness in America.  Combustion products and chemical products can cause indoor pollution to be up to 500 percent higher than outdoor pollution.  Dust mites, dander, and cockroach allergens are big time triggers for respiratory illness as well.  The most common being dust-mites, because they are not visible to the human eye they can crawl through bedding fabrics without you knowing.  They feed on the skin flakes and cells humans shed on a daily basis.  The average human sheds between 1-2 pounds of skin cells per year.  That is enough to feed an entire army of dust-mites.  The dust-mites that could possibly be feeding off you while you sleep is not the primary problem.  Like every living thing they release fecal matter.  Protein found in the fecal matter becomes airborne when disturbed by movement like tossing and turning, moving pillows, or sheets.  These proteins are inhaled and can actually break down the mucus linings of the nose, lungs, and eyes.  Over 50 percent of homes in the U.S. have bedding contaminated by these microscopic critters.  Pet dander and urine can also cause the same respiratory illness if pets are not properly groomed.  Your mattress should be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned every six months for maximum control over these allergens.  For professional mattress cleaning contact Pure Solutions carpet & upholstery cleaning serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas at 951-787-8787.