Professional Area Rug Cleaning Tips - Riverside, CA

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Tips - Riverside, CA

It’s amazing how much dirt vacuums actually miss, because carpeting is a large filter whether it be area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting, carpet fibers trap dirt and allergens daily.  Vacuuming will help minimize the build-up that occurs in your carpet but will not remove it all.

Area rugs accumulate just as much soil as wall-to-wall carpeting.  However, area rug maintenance can be more complicated than your installed carpet.  Custom area rugs are mostly hand woven and can be quite the investment.  It is important to understand that even though a handmade rug is valuable, it’s designed to be used and bring character into your home. 

With use of your area rugs can bring a certain patina that will enhance their design and value, but with use comes proper care.  When vacuuming your rugs it is important to vacuum from side to side instead of front to back.  Vacuums today can be quite aggressive and can rip fringes from the woven area of the rug.  Also, rotating your rugs annually will promote even wear patterns and prevent inconsistent fading from occurring. 

Even exposure to the sun can enhance color and help the rug age nicely.  Too much sun exposure to one side will cause permanent fading to that particular side of the rug that is usually irreversible.  Home maintenance is crucial long lasting life of your area rugs.  The time will come when professional area rug cleaning is needed.

Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs take special care for cleaning.  Hiring the right professional to do the job correctly is mandatory for best results and unnecessary damage.  Improper cleaning methods and solutions can cause permanent damage to a natural fiber area rug.  If a pH imbalance occurs during cleaning, chances are colors will bleed or the over-all color will brown, causing permanent damage that is irreversible.  For professional area rug cleaners you can trust contact us at 951-787-8787 serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas.