Professional Carpet Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction Riverside, CA


There are many carpet cleaning methods to choose from out there.  Most professional carpet cleaners offer the hot water extraction for carpeting that is highly soiled and not maintained.  Not only does this cleaning method remove 96% of soil build-up in the carpet, it is the preferred cleaning method recognized by carpet manufacturers for maximum soil removal.  The hot water extraction offers a deeper cleaning for carpeting leaving much less residues, and helping restore carpet back to its original state.

Our hot water extraction method works by applying heated cleaning solution to the carpet fibers, agitating using our state of the art Rotovac 360i while extracting the soils at the same time.  This process is much more effective for removing stains, allergens, build-up, and odors.  Temperatures for this cleaning process can range anywhere from 190 degrees to 250 degrees.  Advantages of cleaning carpet at this temperature is not only that it removes the bulk of the soils existing in the carpet, it sanitizes the carpet fibers, killing dust-mites on contact, leaving your carpeting fresh and restored.

If it has been a while since your last professional carpet cleaning service, this is the recommended cleaning method of choice.  This cleaning method is recommended annually for maintaining and maximizing the life of your carpeting.  Even if you’ve skipped a couple cleanings, we guarantee we can bring life back into your carpet with this cleaning method.  For a professional carpet cleaning service contact us today at 951-787-8787 serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas.  If we feel we cannot restore your carpeting using our hot water extraction method, your estimate is free.