Professional Carpet Stretching Services Riverside, CA


Professional carpet stretching services are an extremely regular carpet repair you have to do it if your carpet has wrinkles.  With experience in carpet repair and carpet stretching services for over a decade in the Riverside area.  We are able to provide a quality service with professional results.  In most cases, your carpet looking like new.  Carpet stretching services greatly enhance the appearance of your carpet and extend the life of the carpet overall. 

Our mission is to supply the absolute best service without breaking the bank.  Our equipment makes the process easier and faster, therefore we are able to be more flexible with our pricing.  On average we can stretch up to 500 square feet of carpet in under 2 hours along with furniture moving.  Its quick, simple and the process restores your carpet like you remember it.  Sometimes a simple carpet repair or carpet stretching service is all you need to change the overall look inside your home. 

Professional carpet repair and stretching translates to saving thousands of dollars compared to replacing with new carpet or flooring.  Before you give up on your old carpet, call the carpet stretching professionals at Pure Solutions carpet and upholstery cleaning.  Get the special Riverside carpet repair service and see your carpet brought back to life.  Pure Solutions carpet and upholstery cleaning is your residential carpet stretching specialist in Riverside, CA.  As the top Riverside carpet stretching company, we can repair your carpet as well as clean it. 


Rick B.

“We recently purchased another home and we thought that we were going to have to replace the carpet because it had so many ripples in it. We asked the professionals at Pure Solutions to come out and take a look at it to see if it could be repaired. They not only stretched and cleaning the carpet but made it look Brand New. They did a fantastic job and saved us thousands of dollars in would have been the cost of new carpet.”


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