Professional Stain Removal Tips: How to Remove Red Stains From Carpet Riverside, CA

Professional Stain Removal Tips: How to Remove Red Stains From Carpet Riverside, CA

Dyes in red stains like wine, strawberry, fruit punch, and other red flavored beverages act as hair dye when making contact with carpet fibers.  Bold shades that can cause permanent stains to fabrics and carpet very quickly.

These stains can be especially difficult to remove from carpet where the beverage has soaked in, staining fibers below the surface. It is possible to remove the stains, however, it will require both patience and research to completely remove the stain.

A red beverage spill does not have to be an eye sore for your carpet. When a spill occurs, use a white towel immediately to blot as much of the spill as possible to minimize the spread of the stain. If you have a Shop Vac, go over the stained area several times to remove as much of the beverage as possible.

This will not remove the stain completely, but it will minimize the damage so you can clean it more effectively.Using a simple carpet cleaning solution like club soda and a warm iron can be effective against many colored stains, how easily the stain is removed depends on the size of the spill, the strength of the dye, and depth of the carpet. 

The carbonation in club soda helps break down and lift the dye bonds while the heat from an iron can possibly cancel the dye for easier removal of the stain.  Using harsh carpet cleaning chemicals is not necessary and will not work most of the time.

Over-the-counter cleaners can actually lock the stain in by causing a pH imbalance and permanently damage your carpet.  Follow these simple steps if an accident occurs, if all else fails give us a call for professional stain removal at 951-787-8787 serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas.