Riverside Carpet Cleaning

Riverside carpet cleaning Riverside, CA- Being a homeowner in Riverside, California, you know that the air quality surrounding your home is not the greatest.  All of the pollution pumped out daily from vehicles and refineries are pushed inland creating the smoggy area we live in.  Many people prefer carpeting inside their home, whether they are area rugs covering your wood, or installed in your children’s playrooms.  Unfortunately, these pollutants surrounding your home tend to work their way inside trapping themselves into the largest filter which is your carpet. 

Vacuuming will remove 50-60% of these pollutants that filter through your carpeting, but the time will come where professional carpet cleaning is necessary in order to remove all the soils that your vacuum cleaner does not.  If your carpet is not professionally cleaned on an annual basis, airborne toxic gases can actually adhere to the particles and allergens that accumulate and become trapped in your carpeting.  Daily activity such as walking around can trigger these gases, contaminating the air cycle inside your home. 

This is what we call indoor air pollution, indoor air pollution is one of the causes of respiratory illness in the U.S. Professional carpet cleaning services and a high-powered green seal vacuums will minimize these air contaminants letting you breathe easier while resting at home.  Carpet cleaning also minimizes the accumulation of dust mites and mold growth.  There are many homes that have dust mite infestations, but many homeowners are not aware of this problem because dust mites are not visible to the human eye.  Dust mites leave feces and body fragments behind which are the actual allergens floating in the air. 

These allergens can be easily inhaled when an area in your home infested with dust mites is disturbed causing another form of indoor air pollution.  This type of air pollution will be greatly minimized with a professional carpet cleaning service annually.  A hot water extraction using controlled low moisture will expose these pollutants to high temperatures not allowing them to survive, controlled low moisture for carpet cleaning is a preventative for mold growth promoting very fast dry times.  These two combined will provide the healthiest cleaning possible for your carpets.  Scheduled maintenance cleanings and regular vacuuming between professional cleaning services will not allow any type of pollutants or allergens to accumulate inside your home that could potentially affect the air you and your family are breathing.