Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned? 5 Reasons why Riverside, CA

Carpet cleaning in a sense, is somewhat like making a visit to the dentist.  We all hate going to the dentist, and most of us do not like strangers in our homes.  Being skeptical is a natural instinct we all have when hiring a service company to come to our home.   But, why should it be mandatory that we have our carpets cleaned? 

The same reasons for visiting your dentist, we all want to maintain a healthy life style.  Skipping your semi-annual carpet cleaning service can affect your health in similar ways that skipping you’re scheduled dentist appointments could.  A build-up of bacteria in your carpet has a huge effect on the air you are breathing in on a daily basis, and over time these effects can take a toll on you. 

Just like cavities that are not treated, can cause heart problems later on in life, dirty air triggers all kinds of issues that can cause serious health conditions over time.  The number one myth and/or misconception that people believe is that you should wait as long as possible before you clean your carpets.  We should know by now that this is entirely false. 

That would be like someone telling you not wash your clothes because they might fade or shrink.  This may be true if the proper steps are not taken for washing your clothes.  Like carpet cleaning, if you do not do your homework before hiring a company, the end result could be negative.  Here are 5 reasons why you need to clean your carpet at least once a year:

  1. Healthy indoor air quality
  2. Maximizing the life of your carpet
  3. Positive energy within your home
  4. Overall pleasing appearance inside your home
  5. Maintaining a healthy life style

At Pure Solutions carpet & upholstery cleaning we will continue to promote and help provide healthy indoor living.  Our number one goal is your overall satisfaction with our cleaning services.  Our customers come first.  There is nothing more satisfying for us then providing an enjoyable, friendly experience for you, and contributing to the overall health of our customers and our environment.  We will continue to post articles similar to this one as a reminder for healthy living.  For a professional carpet cleaning service contact us at 951-787-8787, we hope to hear from you soon.