Upholstery Cleaning Riverside, CA

Like carpet, regular maintenance on your upholstery is absolutely necessary for maintaining indoor air quality.  Removal of debris can be done with attachments from your own vacuum.  Regular vacuuming will prevent insoluble soils from being embedded into the fabrics.  Not keeping up on regular maintenance of your upholstery will ending up costing more for a professional upholstery cleaning company to come out.  Allergens and oils collect in the fabric on a daily basis.  When oils become layered the cleaning process can become much more difficult to effectively complete.

Attempting to do it yourself or hiring an unskilled technician can end with disastrous results.  Upholstery cleaning requires knowledge and the proper cleaning solutions.  Not all furniture is created the same, some are a natural fiber like cotton, silk, or suede.  Others are synthetic like micro-fiber, rayon, and polyester.  Some furniture can be a blend of the two fabrics.  Proper testing is required prior to cleaning the upholstered furniture.  If not tested correctly, or if the proper cleaning solution is not used, you may experience permanent damage to your upholstery.  Colors can bleed, fabric pH can shift causing browning and fading.  Most times these types of damage are irreversible.

There are many carpet and upholstery cleaning companies to choose from, there are many with the proper knowledge and the necessary certifications specializing in upholstery cleaning.  Doing the proper research will ensure positive results post cleaning.  The IICRC provides classes for licensed carpet and upholstery cleaners teaching all the necessary steps to take when cleaning furniture.  You can go to their website for advice and see what you should be looking for in a professional cleaning company.  For any further information regarding upholstery cleaning contact Pure Solutions serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas at 951-787-8787.