Water Damage Restoration: Emergency Water Removal- Pad Replacement Riverside, CA


Accidents can occur that are completely out of our control.  A burst pipe, sewer spill, slow leak, or even a natural disaster.  These types of accidents can cause major damage to the interior of your home and belongings.  To prevent permanent damage like mildew and mold growth in your carpet, padding, and dry-wall, water removal must happen almost immediately.  Flooding emergencies tend to occur when you’re least expecting it.  You as the homeowner can minimize the damage by stopping the leak at its source, turn off the electricity, and remove electrical items if possible.  Remove all furniture from saturated areas to prevent furniture bleeding and rust from occurring onto your carpeting. When the professionals arrive, high power extraction equipment will be brought inside to remove as much excess water as possible.  Once the bulk of the water is extracted, in most cases the carpet and padding will have to be fully removed from the contaminated areas for inspection of hidden water pockets and proper drying. 

Professional strength drying equipment and dehumidifiers will be used to balance out the humidity levels in your home, and reduce the cost for damages and repair.  An inspection of the carpeting will then take place to make sure there is no mold growth in the carpet’s backing or fibers.  In severe cases the drying process can take several days.  Once the areas and carpeting are fully dry, new padding will be installed, the carpet will be professionally cleaned, sanitized, and properly re-stretched.  If the water is left dwelling for a long period of time, mildew and mold will grow.  Once mold is present, a mold remediation specialist will have to be contacted to restore the damages that have occurred at the property.  This usually involves contacting your insurance company and paying a deductible before any repairs take place.  For emergency water removal contact Pure Solutions carpet and upholstery cleaning at 951-787-8787 serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas.