Why Choose Us for your Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services - Riverside, CA

So why choose us?  How are we different from our competition?  These are commonly asked questions by consumers on a daily basis.  Look, we know that there are hundreds, even thousands of carpet cleaners out there to choose from.  This is an easy business to get into if you have half a brain and a little bit of money in your pocket.  The question you should be asking yourself is why am I choosing this company?  Why am I having this stranger enter my home, my personal space where my family and I reside.  Hopefully, the answer is not because it was the cheapest company.  Keep in mind when you want quality usually you have to pay for it, its unfortunate, but that is the world we are living in.  We are not saying break the bank but don't always go for the cheapest date because in the end you get what you pay for.

Now, back to the beginning of this blog, Why choose us?  Well, the answer is simple...  

·         High levels of experience in every service we offer (satisfaction guaranteed)

·         We use green seal approved cleaning solutions (very important when raising children and pets)

·         Our cleaning solution is VOC free (safe to breathe, no indoor air smog)

·         We're extremely professional and provide a high level of customer service (we value your business because without it well.. were out of business)

·         We show up on time, in uniform and with a smile on our faces (who wants a grumpy guy or gal who hates his or her job in their home... not I said the fly)

·         We are competitive with our pricing, and can match our service to fit your budget (why replace it when you can clean it)

·         We provide a 30 day guarantee, if the spots return so do we (things happen and sometimes we have to pay you another visit)

·         We provide a 13 step service promise including, pre-vacuuming, dusting your baseboards, moving most furniture... the list goes on

·         Most importantly, when we attach our name and give our word, we follow through because in the end that's all we have

Give us a call at 951-787-8787 serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas.  You'll be glad you did. 



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