Why Shampooing Carpet Is A Bad Idea - Riverside, California

Cleaning carpets with a shampoo or soap is probably the worst thing you could do.  This is common mistake made because it is compared to washing clothes in a washing machine or hair in the shower.  Keep in mind when shampooing your hair there is a consistent flow of water running through to remove the shampoo.  It is the same  when washing clothes, your washing machine runs multiple cycles to remove the detergent from your clothing.  
Imagine if you were to put shampoo in your hair then left the shower without rinsing it.  That probably wouldn't work out to well once your hair dried.  Same with your clothing, add the detergent, run the washing machine through 1 cycle and then just air dry your clothes.  That probably wouldn't work out to well with your clothing either.  
Once dry your hair and clothes would be sticky and stiff.  It would be the same for your carpet.  Lets say you hired a carpet cleaner who came in, sprayed some shampoo in your carpet, partially rinsed it and left.  Not only would your carpet be sticky and stiff once dry, you would be a very unhappy customer the following day.    
Soap and detergent free hot water extraction carpet cleaning is always the best way to go.  Especially if you have children and pets.  Research indicates that cleaning agents that do not contain shampoo or detergents provide the best capability for cleaning.  This can be done from a truck-mounted unit outside the home or by a high powered portable system brought into the home.  
Understanding the proper way to clean your carpet will give you longevity with your investment.  It will save time and money by doing it correctly the first time with cleaning products that do the job right from the start.  Shampooing your carpet is always a bad idea, a non-residue cleaning service will save your carpet and floors, but it’s important to work with a carpet cleaner that will tailor the job to your needs.  Call Riverside, California's best carpet cleaners today at 951-787-8787 for a free onsite estimate.
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