Cleaning Berber Carpet - Riverside, CA



Berber carpet can be a glamorous addition for the interior of your home.  Its unique looping construction actually helps resist dirt and staining.  However, if you choose Berber carpet for your home, you must care for it the right way; otherwise, you’ll be dealing with stains and traffic patterns that are almost impossible to remove.

Today’s Berber carpet is made of short, densely packed loops. The carpet’s short loops help hide footprints and traffic patterns well, making Berber a common choice for high-traffic areas in homes and office spaces. Also, since the carpet is extremely dense, it provides excellent cushion and insulation. Its density also helps prevent dirt from working its way into the fibers, keeping the carpet appearing to be cleaner longer.

While Berber carpet’s dense construction can prevent dirt from making its way into its fibers, it can also trap dirt and stains once they get deep in the carpet.  Properly removing soil build-up and oils may be somewhat difficult if the proper carpet cleaning application is not performed.  Being that Berber is an extremely oil loving carpet, a simple cleaning may not always do the job. 

Recommended degreasers for pre-cleaning is a must in order to reach optimal cosmetic results.  Oils left in the carpet will cause rapid re-soiling and reoccurring stains.  Cleaning Berber carpet correctly will provide long lasting cleaning results and a longer life for your carpet.  If you have Berber carpet that is due for restoration contact us today at 951-787-8787 serving Riverside, CA and surrounding areas.