DIY Carpet Stretching Tips - Riverside CA

  Poor installation of carpet often leads to wrinkling in the carpet. Sometimes water damage or simply aging can also produce similar effects on the carpet. In such cases, carpet... Read More »

Emergency DIY Upholstery Cleaning and Spot Removal Riverside CA

  Prior of trying to cleaning upholstery yourself, it is recommended to check the fabric or material type you want to clean on your own. Also, before you start using soap or any other... Read More »

Facts About Air-Borne Allergens and Carpet - Riverside, CA

    Many Americans worry that carpets can contribute to allergies and asthma, but studies suggest that it’s time to sweep those worries under the rug.   Allergens... Read More »

Versatile Ways for Using Your Steam Cleaner - Riverside CA

  Rolling up your sleeves and digging into household chores is much easier when you have the right arsenal of cleaning tools on-hand. If your vacuum is broken and you don’t have any... Read More »

Carpet and Rug Institute Approved Service Provider - Riverside, CA

Pure Solutions Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, LLC, Earns Distinction as a Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval Service Provider.   Riverside, CA – 03/29/2017 – Pure... Read More »

Spring Carpet Cleaning Riverside CA

  Spring is just about here and it is time remove the dirt that has accumulated in your carpet over the winter season.  Professional carpet cleaning is a great way to kick off your... Read More »

DIY vs Pro Service Riverside CA

  Most of us make an effort to save as much money as possible.  We tackle jobs that we assume we can take on instead of calling the pros.  Carpet cleaning is something that many... Read More »

Quality Service for Carpet Cleaning - Riverside CA

  As Riverside CA’s best carpet cleaning company, we take pride in our work and consistently provide quality service to each customer we encounter.  Here is an idea of what to... Read More »

American Express Members welcomed for Carpet Cleaning - Riverside CA

Its 2017, and it is time to get 2016's grime and dirt out of that carpet.  American Express members are welcomed for any services that we offer such as carpet cleaning, upholstery... Read More »

Winter Carpet Cleaning Specials - Inland Empire

  Now that the holidays are over, its time to remove that excess dirt that has accumulated over the last couple months.  We offer a great cleaning service designed to dry extremely fast... Read More »

Do you know what's Living in your Upholstery - Riverside CA

  Do you know what’s living in your upholstery?  No matter how clean you keep your house, your upholstery can still be a breeding ground for insects.  Fleas, bed bugs, carpet... Read More »

Keep your Home Allergen Free - Riverside CA

Your home is your place to relax, but when you’re allergic to it relaxing is the last thing you’ll be able to do. A recent nationwide survey found that over half of all Americans have... Read More »

Holiday Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for Riverside, CA Residents

With Pure Solutions serving Riverside CA, carpet & upholstery cleaning services are completed by certified fabric professionals. Your carpets will look like new and your... Read More »

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduces Indoor Allergies

Carpet allergies are most worrisome for families with small children. A child’s immune system is more sensitive to foreign substances like those in allergens, and children spend a lot of time... Read More »

Carpet Washing - Riverside CA

  Many people are uncertain when choosing between carpet washing techniques - steam cleaning, foam cleaning, or dry cleaning. Steam cleaning is the universal method for carpet washing. It is... Read More »

Summer Carpet & Tile Cleaning Coupons - Riverside CA

Call today to schedule a free onsite estimate!  We offer bundle discounts when you pair carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning services together!  Read More »

Why Shampooing Carpet Is A Bad Idea - Riverside, California

  Cleaning carpets with a shampoo or soap is probably the worst thing you could do.  This is common mistake made because it is compared to washing clothes in a washing machine or hair... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning and Repair Process Riverside, CA

  Have your carpet cleaning & repair services done with confidence.  It is our mission to serve your needs so that you'll always choose us and tell others that we provide the... Read More »

Why Choose Us for your Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services - Riverside, CA

So why choose us?  How are we different from our competition?  These are commonly asked questions by consumers on a daily basis.  Look, we know that there are hundreds, even thousands... Read More »

Allergy Relief in Riverside, CA

As the old saying goes: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  The best approach to controlling your indoor allergy symptoms is to do everything you can to limit your... Read More »

Eco-Friendly Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Riverside CA

  Eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning in Riverside CA is a natural way to keep your house aesthetically and environmentally healthy.  That is why we use only eco-friendly... Read More »

Professional Carpet Stretching Services Riverside, CA

  Professional carpet stretching services are an extremely regular carpet repair you have to do it if your carpet has wrinkles.  With experience in carpet repair and carpet stretching... Read More »

Hiring Professional Upholstery Cleaners Riverside, CA

Our professional upholstery cleaners are here for you anytime you need help to clean your favorite upholstery pieces.  Our cleaners are certified specialists in what they do.  We are... Read More »

Green Carpet Cleaning Service Riverside, CA

Riverside's best green carpet cleaning company offers eco-friendly natural carpet cleaning, pet stain removal, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning and more.  The green carpet... Read More »

Upholstery Cleaning Service - Riverside, CA

Upholstery Cleaning Service - Riverside, CA Most people do not realize that there are significant differences in upholstery fabrics and how they are cleaned. The number one priority, when... Read More »

Reliable Carpet Cleaners at an Affordable Rate in Riverside, CA

Reliable Carpet Cleaners at an Affordable Rate in Riverside, CA We have over 15 years in carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning experience.  You will be impressed with our over-all... Read More »

Natural Alternatives for Home Cleaning Riverside, CA

Natural Alternatives for Home Cleaning Riverside, CA Toxic cleaning products and processes affect the environment in many ways.  Commercial and residential buildings annually consume 6.2... Read More »

Dry Carpet Cleaning in Riverside, CA

Dry carpet cleaning in Riverside, CA provides many benefits to the home owner.  Fast dry times are a preventative of mold and mildew growth, we use more than 50% less water than the traditional... Read More »

Pet Urine Damage & Carpet Repair - Riverside, CA

  Pet Urine Damage & Carpet Repair – Riverside, CA Your pets are part of your family, they’re there for you no matter what, but when it comes to your carpeting they can be... Read More »

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Deals - Riverside, CA

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning $24.95 per room includes: 150 square feet per room Pre-Vacuum Furniture Moving Pre-Treat Pre-Scrub Bonnet Cleaning Soap & Detergent free Safe... Read More »

Professional Stain Removal: How to Prevent Stains from Recurring - Riverside, CA

  Professional Stain Removal: How to Prevent Stains from Reoccurring - Riverside, CA Common concerns with professional carpet cleaning is once finished stains tend to reoccur. ... Read More »

Tile and Grout Cleaning: Kitchen Countertops - Riverside, CA

    Tile and Grout Cleaning: Kitchen Countertops - Riverside, CA How clean are your kitchen countertops?  Illness causing germs can accumulate all around your kitchen,... Read More »

Carpet Patching - Riverside, CA

       Carpet Patching - Riverside, CA Every homeowner or landlord will face a situation where the existing carpet in their property will have to be patched.  Also... Read More »

Deep Carpet Cleaning in Riverside, CA

      Deep Carpet Cleaning in Riverside, CA Deep Carpet Cleaning in Riverside, CA - A widespread myth that carpet cannot be kept in a sanitary state with normal day... Read More »

Expert Upholstery Cleaning Services - Riverside, CA

Expert Upholstery Cleaning Services - Riverside, CA Expert upholstery cleaning services can extend the life of the furniture in the home.  An expert who is trained to treat household... Read More »

Cleaning Berber Carpet - Riverside, CA

             Berber carpet can be a glamorous addition for the interior of your home.  Its unique looping construction actually helps resist dirt and... Read More »

Cleaning Carpets with Care - Riverside, CA

  When hiring an honest and experienced carpet cleaning company, you must know how a professional can simplify the job.  Using the proper equipment and taking the correct safety... Read More »

Carpet Repair Specialist - Riverside, CA

Carpet Repair Specialist - Riverside, CA Repairs involving carpet ripples, tears, holes, or stains not only bring back your carpets aesthetic value, but it may also prevent further damage from... Read More »

Benefits of Area Rug Protector - Riverside, CA

Benefits of Area Rug Protector - Riverside, CA All area rugs whether machine made, hand woven, large or small will last longer and retain value if properly cleaned and cared for.  Protective... Read More »

Soap and Detergent Free Carpet Cleaning - Riverside, CA

Soap and Detergent Free Carpet Cleaning - Riverside, CA One of many problems with soap and detergent use for cleaning carpets is that they leave a sticky residue behind, which causes rapid... Read More »

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Tips - Riverside, CA

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Tips - Riverside, CA It’s amazing how much dirt vacuums actually miss, because carpeting is a large filter whether it be area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting,... Read More »

Home Services at the Right Time- Riverside, CA

  What time of year is best for carpet cleaning?  This is a frequently asked question where the answer can vary.  It’s not just a matter of when the carpet appears soiled... Read More »

Professional Stain Removal Tips: How to Remove Red Stains From Carpet Riverside, CA

Professional Stain Removal Tips: How to Remove Red Stains From Carpet Riverside, CA Dyes in red stains like wine, strawberry, fruit punch, and other red flavored beverages act as hair dye when... Read More »

Wool Area Rug Cleaning- Riverside, CA

Wool Area Rug Cleaning- Riverside, CA Wool area rugs can be quite an investment and are an eye catching addition to any home. Since wool rugs are made of natural fibers, maintaining and... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning using Controlled Low Moisture- Riverside, CA

Carpet Cleaning using Controlled Low Moisture- Riverside, CA Consumers tend to confuse the meaning of low moisture carpet cleaning.  This cleaning method can refer to many different cleaning... Read More »

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Tips Riverside, CA

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Tips in Riverside, CA We know that vacuuming is the start to maintaining your carpet.  Weekly vacuuming prolongs the life of your carpet and... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning in Riverside, CA

Carpet Cleaning in Riverside, CA   No matter how clean we think we keep our home, sooner or later carpet cleaning is necessary. If you have any type of carpeting in your home, whether... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Specials- Riverside, CA

  When was your last professional carpet cleaning service?  Vacuuming will help remove visible surface soil and allergens, but the dirt embedded deep into the carpet fibers that cannot... Read More »

Healthy Home Services: How to Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Riverside, CA

Healthy Home Services- How to Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Riverside, CA Keeping a healthy home does not only involve scheduled carpet and upholstery cleaning services.  If you are one of the... Read More »

Tile and Grout: How to Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth Riverside, CA

Mold cannot hide in showers or bathtubs, it gives a lot of visual clues, usually black, green, or grey, and may be inconsistent if it’s embedded in your grout inside your bathroom or... Read More »

Best Tile and Grout Cleaner in Riverside, CA

Best Tile and Grout Cleaner in Riverside, CA Cleaning tile and grout yourself is no easy task.  Without the proper solution or equipment you can spend hours on your hands and knees... Read More »

Pure Solutions Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Services Riverside, CA

Pure Solutions Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Services Riverside, CA Carpet Cleaning: Low moisture carpet cleaning process effectively removes sand, grit, and allergens allowing carpets to dry... Read More »

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Riverside, CA

       An accumulation of soils invade your carpeting daily, there is nothing you can do to prevent your carpet from filtering dirt.  That’s why a professional... Read More »

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction Riverside, CA

  There are many carpet cleaning methods to choose from out there.  Most professional carpet cleaners offer the hot water extraction for carpeting that is highly soiled and not... Read More »

Carpet Repairs: Benefits of Carpet Stretching Riverside, CA

      Carpet stretching is a common service that carpet cleaning companies offer as one of their service options.  This repair is necessary when wrinkles and ripples are... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning: Should I Replace or Clean My Carpets Riverside, CA

  Carpet quality is based on its construction, some carpets are designed to last only a few years, and some decades.  Eventually the time will come when your carpeting will need to be... Read More »

Green Carpet Cleaning Riverside, CA

  Choosing a carpet cleaning service is not a difficult thing to do. However, when deciding between a traditional carpet cleaning company or green carpet cleaning company, some people go... Read More »

Water Damage Restoration: Emergency Water Removal- Pad Replacement Riverside, CA

   Accidents can occur that are completely out of our control.  A burst pipe, sewer spill, slow leak, or even a natural disaster.  These types of accidents can cause major... Read More »

Home Improvement: Carpet Cleaning Techniques Riverside, CA

Home improvement: Carpet cleaning techniques Riverside, CA- Home Improvement starts with cleaning and restoring your carpeting.  A nice clean carpet compliments the interior of your home in... Read More »

Furniture Cleaning/Cleaners- Upholstery Cleaning Riverside, CA

     Furniture cleaning/cleaners- Upholstery cleaning in Riverside, CA- Environmental awareness starts with you, keeping a chemical-free home is important whether you’re... Read More »

Riverside Carpet Cleaning

Riverside carpet cleaning Riverside, CA- Being a homeowner in Riverside, California, you know that the air quality surrounding your home is not the greatest.  All of the pollution pumped out... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning: 13 Step Service Promise Riverside, CA

    Carpet Cleaning: 13 Step Service Promise for Cleaning Success Riverside CA- Taking the proper steps for professional carpet cleaning is the way to not only properly clean a room... Read More »

Carpet Contaminants: How to Remove Pet Urine from Carpet Riverside, CA

Do you know what kind of affect pet urine contaminants are having on your carpeting?  We love our pets, they are there for you no matter what.  However, eventually the time will come when... Read More »

Maximum Soil Removal: Carpet and Rug Cleaners in Riverside, CA

Over 80 percent of the soils in your carpet are tracked in your home from dirty shoes.  The whole purpose of cleaning your carpet and rugs is to reach maximum soil removal, and maintain these... Read More »

Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned? 5 Reasons why Riverside, CA

Carpet cleaning in a sense, is somewhat like making a visit to the dentist.  We all hate going to the dentist, and most of us do not like strangers in our homes.  Being skeptical is a... Read More »

How Dirty Carpet Can Affect My Mood- Riverside, CA

Clean carpets provide a healthy environment for you and your family’s home.  Dirty carpets can have an effect on your mood and the way you feel. Allergens that can spark respiratory... Read More »

Raving Carpet Cleaning Fans Riverside, CA

4/22/2015 "Fantastic job! This is a long overdue review. . I needed my carpets cleaned and really waited til the last minute to call. (3 days before easter ) He was able to come out that... Read More »

Benefits of Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning in Riverside, CA

Benefits of low moisture carpet cleaning come from many angles.  The small amount of water that is used is not only a positive for dry times, but it conserves large amounts of water from being... Read More »

Best Carpet Cleaner in Riverside, CA

If you have carpeting in your home the chances of it being soiled are pretty high.  Carpet is just one big filter that holds allergens and dirt.  If left unmaintained it will cause an... Read More »

Professional Carpet Re-stretching in Riverside, CA

Professional carpet re-stretching is an economical alternative to carpet replacement.  Carpet repairs in general, whether it is from burns, permanent stains, tears, or wrinkles can restore the... Read More »

Carpet Stain Protector - Riverside, CA

Carpet stain protection is armor that protects your carpet against ever day foot traffic and staining.  Carpet protector is a polymer that prevents penetration of substances that can cause... Read More »

Professional Stain Removal Riverside, CA

    Accidents happen whether your child gets ahold of your make-up, your pet has an accident, or you spill a glass of red wine.  In some situations over-the-counter cleaning... Read More »

Upholstery Cleaning Riverside, CA

Like carpet, regular maintenance on your upholstery is absolutely necessary for maintaining indoor air quality.  Removal of debris can be done with attachments to from your own vacuum. ... Read More »

Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaners Riverside, CA

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the only solution for removing soils such as dirt, grime, allergens, and oils.  Choosing a pet friendly cleaning service is absolutely necessary... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Experts Riverside, CA

People tend to think that they can keep their carpets clean on their own.   Just using a vacuum weekly and doing some spot cleaning.  Unfortunately, that is not how it... Read More »

Professional Carpet Cleaning Riverside, CA

Carpet cleaning is not only important for maintaining the indoor air quality of your home, it will help maintain the overall monetary property value.  Keeping your carpet in great condition... Read More »

Tile and Stone Sealing Riverside, CA

What do we assume about tile and stone sealers?  “If I seal my hard surfaces it will be water proof and never get dirty again”.  Wrong!  What is tile & stone... Read More »

Mattress Cleaning Riverside, CA

Maintaining the cleanliness of your mattress will not only help with the indoor air quality of your home, it will improve your overall health.  50 percent of all illness are associated with... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Reviews Riverside, CA

Online customer reviews this day in age are a glance at the health of a business.  Companies that consistently receive poor customer reviews are likely to lose business or possibly go out of... Read More »

Area Rug Cleaning Riverside, CA

Area & oriental rugs can add lots of beauty to your home.  They make your home cozy and welcoming.  Just like any other fabric in your home, your rugs are exposed to every day foot... Read More »

Discount Carpet Cleaners Riverside, CA

Hiring a professional carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning service is the most effective way to remove everyday soil build-up while helping maintain the wear on your carpet.  You... Read More »

Expert Carpet Repairs Riverside, CA

There can be a combination of defects that occur within the life span of your carpeting.  From rippling to torn carpet, loosened seams to broken tack-strip.  If you’ve ever experienced water... Read More »

Green Carpet Cleaning Specialist Riverside, CA

Green carpet cleaning is not only the best option for you and your loved ones, but it is the best option for the world we are living in.  Toxic cleaning solutions have a huge impact on our... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions Riverside, CA

There are many misconceptions related to the maintenance of your carpet.  The first is,” you should wait as long as possible before cleaning your carpet”.  This is completely false because... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Questions Riverside, CA

There are all types of carpet cleaners out there.  When you search for a professional cleaner it can be overwhelming because of how many options there are to choose from.  There are some people... Read More »

Dog/cat urine removal Riverside, CA

Animal lovers know the good that their little fury friends bring into their homes.  But, we all know with good comes some bad.  A lot of the time our pets tend to have some accidents in areas of... Read More »

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Riverside, CA

Professional upholstery cleaning can play an important role in maintaining the life of your furniture.  Every day your furniture collects different types of soils that are either floating in the... Read More »

Rotary Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning Riverside, CA

Rotary cleaning vs Steam Cleaning: The Rotovac 360i is a rotary carpet cleaning machine that thoroughly cleans all four sides of the carpet fluffing up and restoring the carpet fibers.  Not only is... Read More »

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services Riverside, CA

Professional carpet cleaning companies often charge a lot for their cleaning and restoration services.  Most of the time they advertise a price on their coupon or over the phone prior to the... Read More »

Reoccurring stains on Carpets Riverside CA

Dealing with Tough Stains on Carpets   Stains which are left in our carpets have a way of sneaking within the fibers. If not resolved immediately, they tend to stay for a long time period. That is... Read More »