Dog/cat urine removal Riverside, CA


Animal lovers know the good that their little fury friends bring into their homes.  But, we all know with good comes some bad.  A lot of the time our pets tend to have some accidents in areas of our home where it can become a problem.

As an animal owner you know it’s very difficult to abandon your dog or cat because they had a minor accident.  But as our pets get older they can re-attract to the areas where they had their minor accident and a little problem can become a big problem.

Unfortunately, pet urine contains a strong ammonia that will stink your entire home up.  Pet urine has a way of ruining any porous surfaces in its path.  Once urine penetrates your carpet, upholstered furniture, or hard surfaces it crystalizes becoming concentrated and much more difficult to remove from the area damaged.

Once your fury little buddy begins to let loose in any area of your home it is best to act fast.  Clean up the urine that is still wet immediately using paper towels or terry cloth rags.  You can mix 1 part water with 1 part vinegar to neutralize the urine if the odor does not suffice once dried.

Leaving the urine will possibly cause permanent staining and the levels of bacteria will increase.  It is best from the beginning to invest into training for your pets so these types of situations can be avoided.  But, once the damage is done there are only two options for you in removing the pet damage.

One is replace your carpet which can be very expensive, the other is seek out a professional carpet cleaning service to come out and remove the pet damage.  Pure Solutions offers an economical pet odor control service designed to remove the bacteria and odor festering in your home.  We service Riverside, CA and surrounding areas, call 951-787-8787 for a free estimate.