How Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduces Indoor Allergies

Carpet allergies are most worrisome for families with small children. A child’s immune system is more sensitive to foreign substances like those in allergens, and children spend a lot of time closer to the floor.  To avoid carpet allergies, consider replacing carpeting with hard surface flooring, especially in the bedroom where you spend about one third of your lifetime.  This type of flooring is a smart choice that can improve the quality of your home environment by eliminating carpet allergies.


This is especially true in areas of the home that you spend a lot of time in such as the bedroom.  However, may people do prefer carpet in their homes for added warmth and comfort.  Carpet can actually help filter the allergens if properly maintained.  Professional carpet cleaning will reduce allergens in your home and improve indoor air quality.  Choosing the correct carpet cleaning method will maximize the results.   


Many professional carpet cleaning companies use a method called steam cleaning. However, this type of "steam cleaning" is not really steam at all; technically, it is hot water extraction, and professional cleaning technicians typically use a wet vacuum to suck up a mixture of hot water and detergent which was used to shampoo the carpet.  If you are allergic to mold, mildew or dust mites you probably already know you should keep the relative humidity level in your home below 50% to avoid the growth of unwanted organisms. Mold and dust mites thrive in damp environments, and hot water extraction leaves carpet fibers damp. Mold spores can germinate after only 12 hours in hospitable conditions, and a colony may form in as little as a day. 


Wet carpet cleaning methods often dampen the padding below the carpet, too, and the covered padding takes even longer to dry, providing ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth. Hot water extraction can also damage the floor beneath the padding, especially if it's wooden.  Dry carpet cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning should be your number one choice for professional carpet cleaning to reduce indoor allergens and keep your home healthy.  Fast dry times are a preventative for mold or mildew growth.