Quality Service for Carpet Cleaning - Riverside CA


As Riverside CA’s best carpet cleaning company, we take pride in our work and consistently provide quality service to each customer we encounter.  Here is an idea of what to expect when we come to your home.



A pre-inspection is the most important part of the job.  Every professional carpet & upholstery cleaning company will begin with this step.  Proper evaluation of your carpet, upholstery, tile & grout, or any carpet repair service performed is key to a successful outcome.  We will evaluate any concerns you may have, determine the proper cleaning method and solution to use to execute the job at hand.  We will also inform you whether there will be any permanent damage so there aren’t any surprises post cleaning.  Once these steps are completed, we will provide you with a free estimate.



Prior to cleaning, we will thoroughly pre-vacuum any existing debris on the carpets surface, including edges and underneath furniture we’re able to move.  Vacuuming is another key role to a successful cleaning service, most people do not know that 60% of the soil in your carpet & upholstery are insoluble.



While vacuuming, we will move most furniture like your sofa’s. love seats, tables, end tables, and cribs.  Large and heavier items such as beds, dressers, entertainment center and electronics are a liability, unless items like that are moved prior to our arrival, these items will have to be left in place.  You won’t have to worry about any damage occurring underneath legs, our process is low moisture and will not penetrate underneath these larger items.



Before the cleaning is performed, we will pre-treat any problem stains and/or traffic areas to ensure maximum cleaning results.  As a preventative of spotting wick-back, this step is also key to excellent results.  The last thing anyone wants is to see a stain re-appear once the carpet is dry.  This is usually included in the cleaning price unless there is excessive build-up and staining throughout the areas being cleaned.



Depending on the existing soil level of your carpeting, we will usually power scrub the carpet using our industrial floor machines to break up staining and loosen soil build-up.  Whether you’ve chosen to go with our low moisture bonnet cleaning process or hot extraction.  This step will ensure maximum soil removal from the base the carpet fibers.  We do not use floor wands at any time while cleaning carpet.  Our methods consist of agitation, cleaning all four sides of the carpet fibers.



Once the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, we will groom the carpet pile with a carpet groomer/rake to ensure fast dry time and professional cosmetic results.



Once the carpet cleaning service is complete, we will do a full walk through of the areas to make sure everything is up to standard.  If there is anything that you are unsatisfied with anything, we will do what we can to address any problem areas.


Give us a call today at 951-787-8787.  Serving Riverside CA and surrounding cities.  You’ll be happy you did.