DIY vs Pro Service Riverside CA


Most of us make an effort to save as much money as possible.  We tackle jobs that we assume we can take on instead of calling the pros.  Carpet cleaning is something that many people attempt to do themselves for 2 reasons; first they assume that its easy and anyone with half a brain can do it.  Second, they truly believe that they will “save” a ton of money. 


We will proudly be the first to tell you that "DIY" is the wrong choice.  If you sit down and do the math before renting equipment, think about what comes into play.  The rental alone with chemicals will be well over $100 hard earned dollars, the time it will take you to learn how to use the equipment, then clean all of your carpet.  You’re probably renting that equipment out for a minimum of 2 days.


You also must take in to account the mistakes made by rookies.  These mistakes can be disastrous for not only your carpet, the health of your home, and let’s not forget THE MANUFACTURER WARRANTY!  Did you know if you use the wrong cleaning products you can void your warranty.  If you use too much water you can void your warranty. 


Too much water and dirt attracting residues not only void the warranty, they can cause mildew or mold growth which is a breeding ground for bacteria.  Extreme “rapid re-soiling”, that’s when all the dirt you think you removed comes back about 2-3 days later. 


So, let’s recap, you voided your warranty, you over saturated your carpet and mildew appeared, all of the dirt and stains came back, your house smells like a dirty wet dog, your back is probably killing you, and it cost you the same amount of money it would have cost to hire us.  There is good news, you can still call us to correct the damage you caused at an affordable price.  Give the pros a call today at 951-787-8787, you’ll be glad you did.